Jarvis Cocker — Mother, Brother, Lover

I don’t always get on well with song lyrics. All too often, the words to a song sound trite and naff. Their tendency to have to rhyme makes them seem absurd. Usually I find myself thinking, am I supposed to take these words seriously? That is probably one reason why I am normally drawn more towards […]

Online dating: Biting the bullet

This is a series of posts about online dating, which I have dabbled in a bit during the past year or so. The majority of these posts were written back in February 2011, but I ran out of steam and consigned them to the drafts folder. I didn’t begin work on the posts again until […]

That’s entertainment

I like to have a look through the regular Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin. This fortnightly missive contains all the details about programme complaints. As such, it is the go-to publication for finding out which broadcasters have been doing rudes and naughties. The latest edition (PDF) is particularly well crafted. Ofcom may have many faults, but they […]