This blog has moved

I have moved my blog over to Apologies for the confusion, and for moving my blog just a year after the last time I moved it. I promise this will be the last time I move. Find out why I have decided to make the change. I hope to see you there. Visit Duncan […]

Grand Prix pre-season meetup

Have you ever wanted to meet me? Then tough, because you might have to if you are going to Badger GP’s Grand Prix pre-season F1 fan meetup! The good people at Badger GP kindly invited me to attend as a guest. While it’s a fair trek for me to go down to London, it was in […]

A fresh start

Thanks for taking an interest in my new blog. I have decided to start from scratch again. There are many reasons for this. I had achieved quite a lot with my old blog, doctorvee. But it had seen better times. It peaked around five years ago. I had been on the radio and in the newspaper a few […]