Dumbarton FC on TV

I don’t watch a great deal of football. That is partly because I find it a dull game. But I also attribute it to the fact that my father brought me up to support Dumbarton FC. Not only are they pretty dismal to watch, but their football ground is over an hour’s drive away from where we lived in Kirkcaldy. There were plenty of away matches near us, all in shiteholes.

I have long since stopped following Dumbarton in any meaningful sense. But tonight is unusual because I can sit and watch them from the comfort of my home. For the first time, a Dumbarton match is being televised live as the SFL First Division play-off is on BBC Alba.

Watching football on BBC Alba is a bizarre experience. It is quite transparently there only for the ratings. While the majority of the presentation is in Gaelic, there is just enough English to stop you from going crazy.

Anyway, tonight I am supporting Dumbarton, even if it’s just to make the most of the fact that I can do so without freezing my nuts off in a freezing cold stand.

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