It’s time for another Eurovision Song Contest video. This time, it’s my favourite entry ever. It’s France’s entry from 2008, Divine by Sébastien Tellier.

This was a controversial entry because, in the eyes of some people in France, the song had far too much English in it! So the song had to be partially rewritten to incorporate some French.

Still, it was an interesting and unexpected move for France to enter a song that is mostly in English. It’s a great song too. I liked it so much, I bought the album, Sexuality, which is also fantastic.

But I have to admit to being most struck by the wonderfully bonkers performance. Why are the backing singers all wearing fake beards (is it a nod to Aphex Twin?)? Why does he enter the stage on a golf cart? Why are all the cameras static for the first two and a half minutes? Why does he take a big gulp of helium halfway through?

These are all questions to which, four years on, I still have no answers for. And I don’t want to know the answers. That would spoil the magic.

Sadly, this brilliant song came only 19th out of the 25 finalists in 2008. France has reverted to entering bland songs sung in French ever since.

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