8-bit Radiohead

Have you heard that brilliant 8-bit / chiptune / computer game cover version of Kid A yet? If not, feast your ears:

Radiohead’s Kid A is probably my favourite album. This fresh interpretation breathes new life into the music I have loved so much for over 10 years.

This 8-bit version strips the music right back to the basics. It’s like the audio equivalent of rebuilding an architectural wonder out of Lego.

Among some, Kid A has a reputation — wrongly — for being difficult and noisy. But the 8-bit version shows that, when you boil it down, Kid A is so great because of the brilliant and inventive melodies, not just studio trickery.

Full marks to Quinton Sung, who created this. He has also created an 8-bit version of OK Computer and some other Radiohead tracks. I can’t wait to listen to them too.

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  1. Favourite album or favourite Radiohead album? Most people’s favourite album is usually something like Pet Sounds, Sgt. Peppers, Revolver etc