Going iPodless — conclusion

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Throughout the month of February, I planned to avoid using my iPod outdoors. Check out the first post for the reasons behind the experiment, and the second post for my thoughts after two weeks.

My thoughts at the end of the month were not too different to the first two weeks. But the novelty had worn off slightly. I wasn’t finding myself having as many pleasant conversations as I did at first. Nor had I given anyone directions in the final two weeks.

However, I had decided that it is generally a good idea not to use my iPod outdoors. But there is no need to be dogmatic about it. Sometimes I will find myself feeling the need to listen to music when I go on my walk — and I think I failed to stick to my promise a further two or three times during the month. By that time, I had decided what the outcome of my experiment was.

Since February ended, I have not started using my iPod all the time when I’m out and about. I am now just as likely to avoid using the iPod. Indeed, it now feels slightly strange listening to the iPod outdoors.

Everything in moderation.

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