A must-follow Twitter account: @sweden

A couple of weeks ago I discovered this brilliant Twitter account, @sweden. Every week, a different Swede is given control over the Twitter account. They have this platform for a week, representing their own point of view, until it is taken over by someone completely different.

The results are fantastic. It is diverse, thought-provoking, and educational. The brilliant thing is that the contributors appear to have complete freedom over what they say. This is what makes it so compelling to follow.

Three weeks ago it was Cherin Awad, a Muslim single mother who works as a lawyer. Then it was taken over by Anna Åberg, a firefighter. The following week it was Anders Arhammar, a 60-year-old journalist.

This week, @sweden is represented by Natashja Blomberg, a forthright feminist with fascinating opinions. I love her tweets, and the fact that she is unafraid to stand up against society’s bizarre expectations.

I have not thought of myself as a feminist before (if indeed a male can be a feminist — a whole other debate, I’m aware). But I find myself agreeing with most of what Natashja Blomberg says. It is so refreshing, and I wish she could tweet in English forever.

The brilliant thing is that next week it will be totally different again. There will be another new Swedish perspective to stimulate my mind.

If you’re on Twitter and you’re not following @sweden, do it now!

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