Waste of time

I decided to fill my car tyres with air this evening. It’s always a daunting task. I don’t use the machine often enough to ever feel familiar with it. I always need to read the instructions carefully. I live in fear of accidentally inflating myself.

I drove up to the machine and there was already a guy there, parked on the other side of it. I stood alongside him and consulted the instructions carefully.

You can pay for air only, or you can have screenwash and air. There are two nozzles in the machine. I was stood in front of the air nozzle. It definitely was the air nozzle.

The other man had the other nozzle and he was kneeling down at his tyre with it. This confused me. “The air nozzle is here,” I thought. Have I got this right? Is the other nozzle some kind of dual nozzle? Can you inflate your tyres with screenwash?

Just as I was thinking all this, the man suddenly became angry and threw the nozzle at the unit. He growled, “Waste o’ fuckin’ time!”

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