A fresh start

Thanks for taking an interest in my new blog.

I have decided to start from scratch again. There are many reasons for this.

I had achieved quite a lot with my old blog, doctorvee. But it had seen better times. It peaked around five years ago. I had been on the radio and in the newspaper a few times talking about my blog and blogging in general.

But the best thing about the blog was that I built up brilliant writing and web skills. One of my main motivations for having a blog was to try and get a job though it. Brilliantly, thankfully, that happened. But then I lost the drive to blog in the way I used to.

Worse still, doctorvee had been creaking at the seams for a while. I have been blogging since December 2002. It’s amazing to think that it’s nine years ago. Back then I was just 16.

During that time, I have grown a lot. And as I changed a lot, the blog changed a lot with me. There have been times when I was writing almost exclusively about politics; times when I was writing almost exclusively about motorsport. There was a time when I churned out six posts a day. Other times I wrote one post in six weeks. I went through phases where I was trying to be mainly funny; other times mainly cynical; other times mainly straight.

In the end, the lack of a clear identity drove me up the wall. Something I used to love ended up being a pain to maintain. I still had stuff to write about, but never the motivation to do it. Part of that was because I worried about keeping my readers happy. People will have had conceptions of what the doctorvee blog was, and it froze me.

At one point, fearing that I was boring my readers looking for politics and so on, I set up a separate Formula 1 blog called vee8. That was another success, and gained a loyal following. From time to time I still get people asking me to write more about F1 again. I closed vee8 down two years ago because I didn’t have the time to run so many blogs.

I had also just started my first full time job, so life had suddenly become much busier. At the time I was also heavily involved in running Scottish Roundup as well as doctorvee and vee8. That was the winter I realised I needed to get a life.

The bottom line is that the doctorvee moniker carried a lot of baggage, for all sorts of reasons. So I have decided to have a fresh start. A blog that isn’t tied to my youth. One that can’t be compared to the times when the blog was actually quite big, with the archive towering over the newer posts.

There was another particular trigger point that led to me feeling the need to move away from being doctorvee. That is why this change has ended up being a rush. Apologies for that. I plan to improve the design over the coming weeks.

I anticipate being freer with the way I write now. I won’t promise to be more regular, but I will hopefully be more frequent.

Also, the new blog will probably have much more variety in both subject matter and format (it might be more towards the tumblog end of the spectrum). It will be unashamedly me. Having said that, I am anxious to take on board any suggestions you have in terms of the design or the content.

You can continue to follow me on Twitter with my new username, @stepreo.

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  1. Good luck with the new blog and online identity Duncan, I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes. Just make sure you still throw in the odd motorsport post for old times sake!

    And so ends the Doctorvee era. He never did explain what it meant…