November 2011

Rediffusion London continuity (1967)

What a gem of a video this is. Associated-Rediffusion began life in 1955 as one of the country’s very first Independent Television stations. Here it is in 1967, having been rebranded as Rediffusion London. Here, it is within a year of being forced to merge with ATV to become Thames Television. One of the things […]

Slint — Spiderland

I have been listening a lot to Spiderland by Slint recently, and have come to the realisation that it is one of my favourite albums. It was released a bit before my time. I was just five years old when it came out. But I had read about it so often. It is regularly described […]

A fresh start

Thanks for taking an interest in my new blog. I have decided to start from scratch again. There are many reasons for this. I had achieved quite a lot with my old blog, doctorvee. But it had seen better times. It peaked around five years ago. I had been on the radio and in the newspaper a few […]